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Vaginal Rehab

The goal of vaginal rehab (pelvic floor muscle) at the Continence and Pelvic Health Center is to provide treatment options that restore sexual function and/or relieve pelvic pain. We understand that the nature of this type of pain makes navigating the traditional medical environment difficult for women. We work to create a welcoming environment.

Our team of female physicians and female physical therapists at the Continence and Pelvic Health Center treat pelvic pain disorders. We are excited to offer treatment options using pelvic floor physical therapy because we see many patients relieved of their pain. We are confident in our ability to treat pelvic pain. Some physicians may avoid addressing pelvic pain disorders; we welcome women and are passionate about treating them.

Tight pelvic muscles in the vaginal area (high tone pelvic floor dysfunction) are the likely culprits of pelvic pain. Women can experience a variety of symptoms including:

  • dyspareunia (painful penetration during sex)
  • chronic pelvic pain radiating to back/abdomen/groin
  • pain occurring after orgasm or intercourse
  • rectal pain or difficulty with defecation
  • pain or difficulty inserting tampons
  • burning during urination
  • urinary incontinence
  • frequent or strong urge to urinate

A woman with these symptoms may be diagnosed incorrectly as having vaginismis or Interstitial Cystitis. She may have received out of date testing. Some woman are told “nothing is wrong”.

We strongly believe that pelvic disorders are generally a curable and anatomic and not mental disorder. Our approach focuses on restoring normal tone through a combination of treatments. A physical therapist specializing in high tone pelvic floor dysfunction, will teach you how to improve symptoms. Techniques to help reestablish normal body mechanics, often result in improved quality of life and sexual enjoyment.
Treating related medical conditions, muscle relaxants (oral or vaginal suppositories), and pelvic floor injections including Botox injections (in office or using brief anesthesia) can be used to achieve relief in pelvic and sexual pain.