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Microscopic Vasovasostomy


An outpatient surgery that reverses vasectomies with the most success, microscopic vasovasostomy is performed with local anesthesia using microscopic sutures that are finer than a human hair, with an operating microscope to achieve a two-layer anastomosis. Pregnancy may occur shortly after surgery, but most conceptions are delayed three to four months due to the “pipeline” effect.

You may return to work when you feel up to it, but we recommend an ice pack to the scrotum for 24 hours, no heavy lifting or straining for 10 days, scrotal support for 10 days and no ejaculations for 10 days. We generally start checking the semen for the presence of sperm after six to ten weeks.

Follow Up

The patient should return for a wound evaluation in 10 to 14 days, especially if there is any concern on the part of the patient. Semen samples are evaluated in 3 months and then monthly after that. Once sperm are found, patients are advised to freeze or bank some in case scar tissue should form and block the vas again.


The day of surgery, you are expected to take a prescribed dosage of Valium or Vicodin half an hour before surgery. Surgery lasts approximately three hours, after which you may go home. We recommend that out-of-town patients arrange to spend one night in Grand Rapids instead of traveling so soon after surgery.