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There are times when a vasovasostomy will not result in a successful outcome. In other words there has been an interruption in the outlet from the testicle to the area of the prior vasectomy. This is usually the case where sperm leaks out of the epididymis leading to thick fluid at the upstream end of the vas at the level of the vasectomy. When this is found then a search for the sperm is carried out and a microscopic vaso-epididymostomy can be done at the same surgery. This microscopic outpatient surgery uses an end-to-end connection, wherein a spermatozoa-carrying epididymal tubule is chosen and delicately sutured to the downstream end of the vas.

Follow Up

You will return to your doctor’s office ten days after surgery for a healing evaluation, and then monthly for a semen analysis. Pregnancy rates are usually less following a VE. At this point, you are advised to do sperm banking as insurance against future sperm reduction.

You may return to work when you feel up to it, but we recommend no heavy lifting or straining for 10 days, wear a scrotal support for 10 days and no ejaculation for 10 days, ice pack for 24 hours.


The day of surgery, you are expected to take a prescribed dosage of Valium or Vicodin half an hour before surgery. Surgery lasts approximately three hours, after which you may go home. We recommend that out-of-town patients arrange to spend one night in Grand Rapids instead of travelling so soon after surgery.