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General Adult Urology

A urological condition can be difficult to experience and almost as difficult to talk about. Relax. We are the best-trained, most experienced urologic specialists in West Michigan. With every patient, in every case, we are here for you.


We are Urologic Consultants, and from infants to grandparents, people look to us for help with urological issues large and small. Like you, they are looking not only for care, but also for comfort, reassurance and honest communication.


Urologic Consultants is the largest group of urological specialists in West Michigan, with the largest concentration of knowledge and experience and the broadest range of services. We have more fellowship- trained subspecialists than any practice group in the area, and we offer the ONLY practice in the area with pediatric and female urologists. With 8 physicians, 3 physician assistants, 2 nurse practitioners and 2 physical therapists who specialize in urological therapies, our team is able to provide general urological care and additional focus on specific disciplines: male, female and pediatric urology; infertility; and oncology. We also provide care across West Michigan, from north to south, which means more people in more places trust Urologic Consultants than any other practice in the area.


Our physicians will help you understand your condition and will work with you to determine the best course of treatment — all while providing clear counsel and compassionate care.

In Office Procedures and Treatments

Vasectomy Reversals
Bladder Function Tests (Urodynamics)
Urologic Ultrasounds
Cancer Chemotherapy
Pelvic Floor Physical

Treatment Options May Include

(for all patient types, when appropriate)

Medical (Non-Surgical)
Minimally invasive Surgical and Non-Surgical
Laproscopic surgery
DaVinci Robotic Procedures
Traditional Surgery

You're in good hands with our General Adult Urology physicians