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About Us

Award-Winning Treatment & Expertise

Urologic Consultants provides state-of-the-art urologic diagnosis, treatment and procedures to men, women and children providing a variety of services for the urinary and/or reproductive system. Our practice has been moving medicine forward for the benefit of the people of Michigan and beyond. Our office has physicians with fellowships and specialized training, an in-office pathology lab and onsite procedures that allow for more efficient care for our patients.

Dedicated to Your Well-Being

With 5 convenient locations throughout West Michigan, we are able to provide you with care where you need it and when you want it. It is our goal to provide the best possible care with the utmost respect and compassion for each of our patient interactions and consider patient education to be central to any treatment plan. Our nurses and office staff are dedicated to your well-being and have many years of experience in assisting our patients. We are here to help you, that is our priority!